Broke, anyone? Niche fans cheer on the game from afar

On Saturday morning, at midnight, a small but passionate group of fans will gather in front of our American TVs to watch the Grand Finals, Australian Super Bowl football rules.

What unites some of us is insomnia, perhaps? — who choose to adopt a sport from the other side of the world, which is beyond the comfort zone of our upbringing.

But with niche fans cheering on sports of all kinds from afar, it’s a comforting reminder of how shrinking the world is.

“I started watching and really love it,” said TJ Sherwood, a 19-year-old college student in Tennessee.

Like football-crazed Britons who have a growing craving for an American brand of football, a major push from the NFL and an increasingly diverse media landscape brought the Atlantic to its side.

“It’s a good game. There’s violence in it. It’s got to be scoring,” said Joe Vincent, a Welshman who founded the Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Club in Britain. “Once you go into a game, You get used to it.”

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