SBF Legal Fees, BTC Market Cap Flips Meta, USDC Rebounds $1 Cryptocurrency

  1. SBF Legal Fees, BTC Market Cap Reverses Meta, USDC Rebounds to $1Cointelegraph
  2. Caroline Ellison was paid $6 million at Alameda – a fraction of SBF’s $2.2 billionBusiness Intern
  3. FTX Debtors Reveal $6.8 Billion Hole in Balance Sheet Amid Financial Discrepancies, Insider Payouts – Bitcoin NewsBitcoin News
  4. FTX owes huge $600,000 Margaritaville tab after already racking up $400,000 DoorDash billDaily mail
  5. $4.8 billion in programmed assets uncovered during FTX bankruptcy investigationmsnNOW
  6. See full coverage on Google News

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