Zoom officially announces that its video conferencing application will soon be available on Tesla vehicles

Credit: Zoom

Zoom has officially announced that it will soon add its video conferencing app to Tesla vehicles. The company announced the addition at its annual Zoomtopia 2022 event on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Tesla released a promotional video on its YouTube channel giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the new V11 software update. Although not specifically mentioned in the video, eagle-eyed fans noticed a small icon on the screen that looked like the Zoom logo.

The company never confirmed Zoom’s presence in the video, but CEO Elon Musk previously hinted that being able to attend virtual meetings in your Tesla was “definitely a future feature.”

Today it was finally confirmed that this feature is coming, except not by Tesla.

The upcoming addition was announced to Zoomtopia by Nitasha Walia, Zoom Group Product Manager, Meetings. Walia didn’t provide many details on how or when Zoom will be added, but said the company is excited to bring it to “all new Tesla models soon.”

Walia also shared a brief demo of the feature working on a Model Y, showing the Zoom app appearing to use the vehicle’s cabin camera located above the rear view mirror. It’s the first time Tesla owners will be able to see what the sometimes controversial camera actually sees.

The demo also showed that if you sync your calendar with your Tesla vehicle, you’ll be able to access a Zoom meeting directly from the car’s calendar.

Aside from the release date, another unknown detail is whether Zoom will only work over WiFi, or whether Tesla will allow owners who have signed up for Premium Connectivity to use the car’s data plan to host a virtual meeting. in the absence of WiFi connection. is available.

You can watch Zoom’s brief demonstration in a Tesla in the video below.

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